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Berggruen Philosophy Prize: For Ideas that Shape the World

To be awarded for the first time in 2016, the Berggruen Philosophy Prize will honor a living thinker whose ideas are of basic importance for contemporary and future life. It is intended to call attention to the role of ideas, of deep and careful thought, and with them humanistic scholarship, social research, intellectual work that is both broad and deep. 

The Berggruen Philosophy Prize carries a cash award of $1 million. The honoree will be invited to present and discuss his or her work in a major lecture and a special symposium held within a year of the announcement of the award. Philosophy is here understood broadly, not as a single academic discipline but as serious intellectual work nurturing human wisdom. Nominations of thinkers from all languages, religions, civilizations and/or philosophical traditions are welcome. 
Nomination Criteria

The Berggruen Prize Jury is responsible for selecting the Prize Laureates. Nominations for the Prize may be submitted by any person;however, a nomination for yourself will not be considered valid.

 Nomination Process
The nomination need not be lengthy, but should include:

• Information on the nominee
• Information on the nominator
• An explanation of why the individual is considered by the nominator to be a worthy candidate for the Prize

 Nomination Confirmation

An e-mail confirming the receipt of the submitted nomination will be sent shortly after you successfully submit your nomination.

Selection and Decision Making

The Jury seeks to achieve unanimity in its selection of the Prize Laureate. On the rare occasions when this proves impossible, the selection is decided by a simple majority vote.

To start your nomination process, please register using your email address or the social media links to the right.